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Data Protection

(1) To the extent that personal information (such as a name, address or e-mail address) is collected through our membership communications, this is done and agreed by all participating/communicating parties. We are operating and treating personal data exclusively for the internal organisation of UPA Campus and the networking within UPA Laureates and UPA partner organisations. We are not using data for any profiling (scoring), data are not treated or processed by external mailing services, for any advertising or merging with other organisations.

(2) You have the right to prevent any data registration in our UPA files. At any time you may choose to stop your data registration by any non-formal message to us. We will delete consequently and immediately all personal data from our files. Please be aware that services on UPA networking and information sharing is not efficient without a minimum of data registration.

(3) Please note that data transmission via the Internet (e.g. communicating by eMail) can lead to security risk, e.g. mailing of spam, illegal data phishing to what we have no means of controlling or preventing from UPA side.

(4) UPA is never asking you personal Codes, Passwords or Pins for any of your files, internet management or bank accounts. All tranfers of fees and payements that you may need to do or that we may need to do, are executed through ordinary bank or money transfer procudures: in no case they need personal Codes, Password or Pins from your side.

(5) On-site documentation of our experience sharing, active membership dialogue and mediatisation of the UPA activities makes it necessary to take and to publish photos, films, video and audio clips. Press and media are invited regularly to cover and to witness about UPA Campus. In participating to UPA every person is aware of and accepts to be taken at photos and videos. Every person declares transfer of all rights on such photo and video material to the UPA Directorate, including the right of publishing in public press and media as well as in social media. UPA will never sell this material, but use it strictly limited to the context of internal UPA sharing and communication. In case that you have any objection to this limited use of your photo or media with your person, please indicate by writing and before the UPA Campus. You don't need to give any reason for your objection.

Liability for Content

Despite careful substantive preparation and regular examination, we assume no liability for the contents of these pages or for internal or external links to other websites or content that we may introduce. The content on our site was produced with great care. Nevertheless, we cannot assume any warranty that the content is accurate, complete or up to date.

Liability for Links

Our website may contain links to external, third-party websites over which we have no control. We therefore cannot assume any warranty for this third-party content. We are not obligated to monitor third-party information provided or stored on our website, or to seek evidence that could indicate illegal activity, without prejudice to legal obligations to remove or block the use of such information. Once and every time we become aware of a specific violation of law, we will promptly remove such content from our links and website content.


The content and works provided on these pages are governed by German copyright law. Contributions by third parties are identified as such. Any reproduction, modification, distribution or any other use beyond the scope of the copyright requires the prior written permission of the respective author or creator. Downloads and copies of this site are permitted for private, non-commercial use only. The site providers make every effort to respect the copyrights of others and to use self-created and license-free works.
Note and Clarification Regarding Equal Treatment

The terms presented and used in this website apply equally to the masculine and feminine form and are not used to the disadvantage of one gender. This also applies to situation descriptions included by way of example, to quoted opinions, and to other life circumstances included for informational purposes.

Depuis la célébration de 20 ans UPA au Burundi en octobre 2023, nous vous invitons à vous joindre à la relance au

Octobre 2024, Kenya

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Campus 2021, Bénin
Campus 2022, Togo
Campus 2023, Burundi
UPABP Union Panafricaine des Bâtisseurs de Paix
Réseau et platteforme des Lauréats de 20 ans UPA: 320 Bâtisseurs de Paix, dans 30 pays, en responsabilités et positions stratégiques: Ils joignent leurs efforts en GEP (Groupe d'Entrainement à la Paix) dans leur pays: "Qui veut la Paix, prépare la Paix".
Suivez nous à
PROGRAMME INOVAR = Intervention NOn-Violente Active et Rapide (en Afrique)

Des Equipes des Bâtisseurs de Paix panafricains se joignent aux initiatives locales de dés-escalade, de prévention de violence, de gestion de conflit et de médiation pour une inter-vention directe et pendant plusieurs mois auprès des communautés et villages.
2010/11 Burundi/RDCongo
2014/16 RCA et Cameroun
2016/19 RCA
2019/22 RCA

Reconnaissances Internationales à nos Lauréats/Partenaires UPA

REP.FRANCAISE Prix des Droits de l'Homme 2013 UNESCO Prix Confucius 2011 HARUBUNTU Tchad 2010 et Côte d'Ivoire 2009              UNHCR Prix de Paix 2006

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