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13th CAMPUS in french and english RWANDA 2018
NEW DATES: 15.07.-05.08.

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registration at
>> upa@apte-net.de

UPABP - Panafrican Union of Peace Builders
The network of 220 Laureates of 15 years' UPA: Peace Builders from 30 countries, in various responsibilities and strategic positions, joining their country GEP-Empathy and Peace Group (It is not how far we have came, but how far we can go)

Please follow us at www.upabp.org
PROGRAMM INOVAR -  Intervention NOn-Violente Active et Rapide (en Afrique)

Teams of panafrican Peace Builders (from UPA alumni) join local activities of desescalation, violence prevention, conflict management and mediation at selected communities     2010/11 Burundi/RDCongo   2014/16 RCA et Cameroun  2016/18 RCA, Cam, Burundi

Please follow our teams at www.inovarca.org
to our Laureats/Partners

FRANCE National Award of
HumanRights 2013
UNESCO PrixConfucius 2011
HARUBUNTU Tchad 2010
and IvoryCoast 2009
UNHCR PeacePrice 2006

MEDIA: Radio/Video

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