UPA sessions started in 2003 with the Campus in Ziguinchor/Senegal. Since then UPA continues to gather African Peace Builders every year in different countries all throughout the continent.

There is an autonomous plateforme created and facilitated by UPA Laureates: the Panafrican Union of Peace Builders (UBAPB). Plateforme meetings take place by regional initiative: 2012 (Goma/DRCongo), 2017 (Ouagadougou/Burkina Faso).

Further more UPA Laureates launche an ambitious project: PUFA - Peace University FROM Africa (Université de Paix à partir de l'Afrique). Senior, well experienced AFRICAN Peace Builders suggest to visit local initiatives and communities IN EUROPE and offering training in UPA modules. We invite African diaspora and every other local or instutional initiative seaking desescalation, mangement of (social) conflicts, violence prevention and protect or strengthen social coherance.



Burkina Faso, Ouagadougou Cameroon, Bofoussam DRCongo 2019 DRCongo, Goma Rwanda, Huye Senegal, Ziguinchor Niger, Niamey Uganda, Mukono Burundi, Gitega Chad, Moundou Kenya, Machakos Central African Republic, Bangui Ivory Coast, Bingerville

More than 220 Peace Builders from 30 countries have already be trained and strengthend through the annual UPA Campus: a siginificant and dynamic contribution to permanent Peace building in Africa; and an active input into the social environment of these women and men of Peace.

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13th CAMPUS in french and english RWANDA 2018
NEW DATES: 15.07.-05.08.

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UPABP - Panafrican Union of Peace Builders
The network of 220 Laureates of 15 years' UPA: Peace Builders from 30 countries, in various responsibilities and strategic positions, joining their country GEP-Empathy and Peace Group (It is not how far we have came, but how far we can go)

Please follow us at www.upabp.org
PROGRAMM INOVAR -  Intervention NOn-Violente Active et Rapide (en Afrique)

Teams of panafrican Peace Builders (from UPA alumni) join local activities of desescalation, violence prevention, conflict management and mediation at selected communities     2010/11 Burundi/RDCongo   2014/16 RCA et Cameroun  2016/18 RCA, Cam, Burundi

Please follow our teams at www.inovarca.org
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FRANCE National Award of
HumanRights 2013
UNESCO PrixConfucius 2011
HARUBUNTU Tchad 2010
and IvoryCoast 2009
UNHCR PeacePrice 2006

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